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  • Hiap Giap Food Company Logo
    The company was incorporated in 1968 in the kampong era, doing everything manually with simple tools. Noodle production was accomplished by mixing all the ingredients by hand, rolling and pulling the dough, using a long bamboo stick and body weight to press the dough into sheets, as well as lumping the noodle strands manually.


  • The company has since come a long way from its humble roots, leveraging on modern machinery to automate a large part of its noodle-making process, Hiap Giap has enjoyed a multi-fold rise in its productivity levels over time.


  • Kok Kok Boy
    A few decades ago, hawkers would strike two bamboo sticks together to produce the 'kok-kok' rhythmic sound, telling everyone that there were noodles on sale.

    Kok Kok boy 这标志展示在过去小贩在卖面条时的宣传手法,以节奏式的触击2个竹条,发出声响。

  • Having mastered the ropes of noodle-making from the founding noodle master, our young boss Mr Chong wanted an icon that could represent his vision for the company he was entrusted with and his passion for noodles.


  • Thus the 'Kok-kok' boy was created, an image of a joyful child pushing the traditional quality noodles forward with the modern spirit of entrepreneurship.

  • Yuki Boy
    In the late nineties, there was a demand in the market for locally made Ramen. Yuki boy was born to launch our range of Japanese Ramen. Our Ramen range now includes Japanese Ramen, Taiwan Lamian and Chinese Lamian.

    九十年代后期,市场趋势推动本土自制拉面的需求。Yuki boy就在此时诞生,启动我们推出日本拉面的产品。我们的拉面目前包括日本拉面,台湾拉面和中华拉面。

  • The Noodle Factory
    With more and more people looking for healthy and organic home cooked food, teenagers and young adults are turning to cooking channels either on the TV or Internet to learn to cook.

    There is a range of products under this brand; each represents our mission to provide quality products to our customers. We believe that a family that eats together stays together, and The Noodle Factory represents this sentiment.

    By launching this line of retail pack, we hope to be able to provide a much faster way to enjoy quality yet affordable food.

    近年来,年青的上班族平日多选择在外用餐,到周末时,越来越多的人在观看了烹饪电视频道和社交媒体的烹饪演示后,心血来潮会尝试自己做饭。我们相信,共享一顿家常便饭可拉近家人和朋友之间的距离,增进家庭与朋友间的亲和力。秉持这个想法,我们决定将面条推出零售市场,为更多家庭式的厨师及大众消费群服务。The Noodle Factory是为了推出我们的零售面而设计的的。